What is CERTAIN?

New healthcare technology is developed every day, and with all the hope of that innovation also come important questions: Is this new procedure, drug or device safe? Given my unique situation, will it work for me the way the way it was intended? Does it add value or just cost? The answers to these questions can only be found by linking doctors and hospitals together to share information about their patients' experience in healthcare and by asking patients the right questions. We need a healthcare system that asks the right questions and learns from itself – a learning healthcare system – that will makes sure the right people get the right care at the right time by the right caregivers.  

CERTAIN is Washington State’s learning healthcare system. Focused on evaluating the effectiveness and value of healthcare and keeping the patient's voice central, CERTAIN is a revolutionary approach to improving quality through actionable research. In a learning healthcare system, clinicians are CERTAIN they deliver highest quality care, patients are CERTAIN they are getting the care they really need, and researchers are CERTAIN they are only using data that advances knowledge.

We hope you'll join us.