Postdoctoral Training in Gastrointestinal Surgery Outcomes Research

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Are you an MD enrolled in a postdoctoral clinical training program who’s interested in an academic surgery career? The University of Washington CHASE Alliance and Department of Surgery’s Surgical Outcomes and Research Center is offering a training that will focus on developing well-trained researchers in clinical health services and outcomes.

This 2-year training program aims to develop and facilitate effective research and practices on digestive disease interventions. It also aims to develop skill sets in core areas central to health services such as writing for competitive research grants, designing research projects, and mastering the review process of scientific literature.

Trainees will work closely with research mentors, clinical content, and an advisory board. The program encompasses a rigorous graduate level didactic training and will prepare trainees with the tools and skills to work effectively in gastrointestinal surgery outcomes research. 

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