Principal Investigator

David R. Flum, MD, MPH, University of Washington

Study Management

Program Director: Erin Fannon, University of Washington

Senior Project Manager: Kelsey Pullar, MPH, University of Washington

Data Coordinating Center

Director: Patrick Heagerty, PhD, University of Washington

Lead Statistician: Bryan Comstock, MS, University of Washington

Clinical Coordinating Center

Director: Giana H. Davidson, MD, MPH, University of Washington

Senior Project Manager: Kelsey Pullar, MPH, University of Washington

Stakeholder Coordinating Center

Director: Danielle Lavallee, PhD, PharmD, University of Washington

Senior Project Manager: Sarah Lawrence, MA, University of Washington

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides governance for scientific decisions related to design, measurement, and analytic issues in this project as well as pragmatic issues around study recruitment and patient experience. In addition, they will participate in the dissemination of project findings, including publications in scientific journals and presentations at regional and national meetings.

Chair: Larry Kessler, ScD, University of Washington 

Members: David R. Flum, MD, MPH; Giana Davidson, MD, MPH; Danielle Lavallee, PharmD; Patrick Heagarty, PhD; Thomas Read, MD

Clinical Advisory Group

Chair: Thomas Read, MD

Members: All clinical site leads 

Patient Advisory Group

We have established a Patient Advisory Group that guides us in the design and implementation of the study. The Patient Advisory Group incorporates the “patient voice” and ensures that our study addresses issues that are meaningful to diverticulitis patients.

Co-Chairs: Suzanne Watkins and Janice Tufte

Members: Kimberly Dauphin, Barb Crafts, Donn Pratt, Tracy Stober

National Advisory Group

The National Advisory Group supports the national outreach, dissemination and implementation of the results by providing a national perspective on metrics, approaches, materials and messages related to the study.