Information for Clinicians

About the CERTAIN Hub

What is the CERTAIN Hub?

CERTAIN Hub is a web-based portal for improving patient data collection and for delivering programs aimed at improving health and healthcare. The Hub offers a patient portal for completing a baseline survey about current health status and automatic enrollment in follow-up surveys, and returns this data to the clinic for analysis of patient-reported outcomes. 

Who uses the CERTAIN Hub?

Patients access CERTAIN Hub at home or in the doctor's office. The patient portal connects patients to an electronic survey that establishes patient baseline health information. The Hub enrolls patients for follow-up surveys at key intervals following a procedure to assess health status and improvement.

What are the benefits of using the CERTAIN Hub?

CERTAIN Hub provides a convenient means of capturing baseline patient health information and patient-reported outcomes. The Hub reduces burden to staff by tracking, administering, and scoring patient assessments. It requires no EHR modification and seamlessly integrates into existing clinic workflow.

Patient follow-up is conducted through a multi-modal surveying facility that achieves an above-average patient response rate. Patient-reported outcomes data is tracked over time and returned to the clinic, allowing physicians to see how their patients are doing over time.

About the Patient Portal

How do patients access the patient portal?

Access to the patient portal is provided through a customized web address specific to each practice. Practices direct their patients to the web address prior to or upon arrival to their clinic visit. This customized web address is emailed to you or your clinic administrator. If you are already subscribing to CERTAIN Hub and do not have your custom web address, please contact us

Can patients access the patient portal using an iPad or other tablet computer?

Yes! We encourage clinics to have patients complete the survey at home or in the clinic using an iPad or other tablet computer to avoid potential data entry burden for staff.

What internet browsers are supported for accessing the patient portal?

The patient portal is accessible using any internet browser, but has been optimized for Safari on Mac products and Chrome on PC products.

Do you have any foreign language versions?

While CERTAIN Hub has the ability to support a number of language translations, this feature is not currently available.

About the Data

Is the data secure?

Yes. The patient portal interfaces with a survey hosted by DatStat, Inc (Seattle, WA). As a leading data management software company, DatStat protects patient data both in transit and at rest. The clinician reports are produced in-house from the DatStat data, following strict authentication, authorization, and data level security policies.

What is your response rate for patient follow-up?

CERTAIN Hub automatically collects patient contact information and follow-up mode preferences when patients fill out their initial baseline survey. Patients can indicate if they prefer to be contacted by phone, email, text message, or mail. By utilizing these multi-modal approaches, CERTAIN Hub's survey center achieves an above-average patient response rate around 70%. This is substantially higher than traditional quality improvement patient satisfaction surveys, such as HCAHPS, which report a 30% response rate.

Who sees my patient data?

Identifiable patient data is not used or distributed to anyone other than their physician without the explicit consent of the patient. De-identified patient information and survey results may be used to inform future CERTAIN projects. If you have further questions about CERTAIN Hub data, please contact us