Information for Patients


What is CERTAIN Hub?
CERTAIN Hub is a web-based tool designed to improve the collection of patient information to support healthcare. The Hub also delivers programs back to patients and their doctors aimed at improving health. Currently, the Hub runs PROs in Practice, a healthcare program that collects information directly from patients about their health to help doctors track and assess patient health and improvement over time. 

Who uses CERTAIN Hub?
Patients use the Hub at the request of their doctor through an online survey. This can be done at home, or in the doctor's office on a tablet computer. This initial survey asks how patients feel about their health, and might include questions about pain, quality of life, health-related habits, and well-being. The Hub then enrolls patients for follow-up surveys which are sent at later dates to look at health and improvement over time.

What are the benefits of using CERTAIN Hub?
Patients benefit from CERTAIN Hub through improved communication with their doctor, better awareness of their health status, and educational resources they receive to help improve health. Information gathered from patients through the Hub is shared with doctors to help them understand how care decisions affect patient outcomes. Doctors can use this information to improve how they care for patients in the future.

About Patient Surveys

How does the surveying process work?
Your doctor will ask you to complete a short survey either before your clinic visit or on the day of your visit. As part of that first survey, you will be asked to be contacted in the future for follow-up surveys. These surveys may be delivered by email, text message, telephone, or standard mail. We try to contact patients in the most convenient way possible. Please note: standard text messaging rates apply and are only sent with your approval.

Will my participation affect the care I receive?
Your participation is completely voluntary, and you do not have to answer survey questions if you don’t want to. Choosing not to participate will not negatively affect the care you receive. If you do chose to participate, your answers can give your doctor helpful information about your health and inform the care they provide. Additionally, when combined with the responses from thousands of other patients, your answers may actually help improve healthcare in Washington State by giving doctors a deeper understanding of how care decisions affect patient outcomes.

When will you be contacting me?
The number and timing of the surveys will depend on the CERTAIN Hub program your doctor is using. Some surveys are only done one time to give your doctor important information about how well you are doing right after a treatment, such as a surgery. In other cases, an enrollment survey is completed before a clinic visit, and followed by multiple surveys before and after treatment (up to 2 years later). This helps doctors see how well their patients respond to treatment over a period of time. 

How did you get my contact information?
We work with your doctor, clinic, and/or hospital to conduct surveys on their behalf. Your provider approves all outreach we conduct. As part of your first survey, you will be asked how you prefer to be contacted in the future.

I no longer would like to participate in your surveying, can you stop contacting me?
Your participation is completely voluntary, and if you do not feel like answering the questions, we can remove you from CERTAIN Hub. Simply respond to any of our contact attempts (by phone, text message, mail, or email) and ask to be removed.

Patient Information

Who sees my information/answers?
We store your answers in a secure database. Only your provider has access to your identifying information, like your name or address, and the ability to see your individual answers. Your answers are de-identified—meaning your personal information is removed—and combined with thousands of other patients’ de-identified answers. This combination of information may be shared with other providers to help them improve care.  

Is the information secure?
CERTAIN takes the responsibility to maintain patient data privacy extremely seriously. The information collected through CERTAIN Hub will be kept confidential and is subject to rules and regulations around who is allowed access to your information, how it is stored, and how it is electronically transferred.

What other information do you have about me?
CERTAIN does not have access to information from your medical record, or about the care you receive. Your doctor chooses the type of survey you should be given. You provide your contact information and tell us how you prefer to be contacted. We collect your survey answers and return that information to your doctor at their request.